About us





Our mission is to provide lighting design of high aesthetic and originality by pondering innumerable concepts and site factors.

Light, similar to air in its soft, casual existence, has mysterious influences on our world, enhancing, nurturing, even diminishing areas and objects, and we believe in light’s unlimited possibilities.  To think about how to make light exist is not only to consider the physical and temporal elements that make up the space, but also to consider light itself, its psychology and behavior.  We explore what’s not visible through the purpose of the project, the context of the land, and psychological effects to sublimate objects, and create more attractive spaces.

The sensational imagination of light in the heart is captured in the name of our firm “tomoru”, that feeling of shared excitement at beholding the lights of urban areas and architectural structures.  With new lighting designs, we will create environments of the future, bringing vitality to architectural designs and urban spaces that resonate in hearts and minds.

tomoru design, meguro inc.